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Advantages of straw gas generator

Edit: Shandong Naipute Gas Power Co.,Ltd.      Date: 2017-11-21 10:25:31 click:

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  When will the rural farms accumulate a lot of straw. The straw has no place to store,and burning produces a lot of carbon dioxide. Not only pollute the air, but also increase the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the storage of straw has not been well solved. However,due to the emergence of straw gas generator unit, this problem has been greatly solved. The use of straw generated gas power generation, not only to solve the problem of straw stacking, but also in response to the national development of new energy calls. And the raw materials that produce straw are not only straw, but also chaff, wood chips and so on. Straw is a kind of biomass energy. Biomass energy is the fourth largest energy source after coal, oil and natural gas, and occupies an important position in the whole energy system.

  Compared with the traditional generator set straw gas generator has good startup performance, start-up success rate high power quality good the inflammable gas is clean, cheap energy and low noise advantages of small vibration. What is more important is that the use of straw gas generating units greatly reduces our spending.That is why the government is very supportive. With the support of the government, the domestic and foreign sales of straws are increasing year by year. The prospect of straws is good.

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