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About natural gas generator

Edit: Shandong Naipute Gas Power Co.,Ltd.      Date: 2017-11-22 14:27:27 click:

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   Gas generating set is a new type of generating set, which can adapt to theworld environmental protection requirements. Natural gas generators are mainly divided into two types, one is the combined cycle gas turbine, and the other is the gas combustion engine. Gas turbine power is relatively large, mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations. Gas combustion engine power is relatively small, mainly used in small distributed power stations. It is the new green power to replace fuel and coal-fired units.

  The fuel of gas engine is mainly natural gas, which can also be used for fuel gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane gas and other combustible gases.  The gas used should be dried and dehydrated to free water。The oil is used to lubricate the motor of the gas engine and to cool the heat, remove impurities and prevent rust. Its quality is influenced by the performance and service life of the gas engine. Used for direct cooling of the cooling system of engine cooling fluid is usually used to clean fresh water, rain or the clear river water is advisable. When natural gas engine below 0 degrees of environmental conditions in use, it should be protected from coolant freezes, causing the parts to crack.
  Natural gas has many advantages.low emissions can protect environment, High efficiency and convenient operation makes it more popular, Proper use and maintenance of natural gas generator set, can make the unit service life longer.
  China is a country that use the natural gas, coal, renewable energy, nuclear energy, water and so on national energy to generate electricity at the same time.From the point of view of sustainable development and emissions, clean, efficient, reliable and so on factors can compatible. Therefore, the prospect of china's new energy generation market is still wide and the market of natural gas generators will be further developed.