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The convenience of biogas generator

Edit: Shandong Naipute Gas Power Co.,Ltd.      Date: 2017-11-23 13:15:41 click:

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  In the past, people used to generate electricity by cutting trees, destroying vegetation, digging coal mines, and pumping oil. The consequences of doing so largely undermine the ecological environment and non-renewable energy consumption. Not only that, with the increase in demand, coal mines have been almost fully tapped, the number of oil is also declining. Both coal mines and oil are non-renewable resources and can not be continued in this way.

  Fortunately, the emergence of biogas power units. Biogas plants replace trees, coal and oil. Both ecological and non-renewable resources are protected.

  Biogas generators use biogas to generate electricity. And the raw materials for producing biogas are extremely diverse and widespread. For example, animal waste, garbage in life can be used to generate electricity. Moreover, biogas power plants are more economical, greener and more energy-efficient than previous generation methods.

  Especially loved by farmers. They stocked a lot of pigs and sheep. A lot of manure is produced daily. Feces are troublesome to handle. With the biogas generator set, it is convenient and fast to put the stool directly into the digester. Biogas is also used to generate electricity, saving the cost of electricity costs.